HiddenTag® For C.O.P.

Secure Service

Authenticity Verification Service

By encoding different data to seemingly identical images, HiddenTag carries unique information, giving DNA like features to each product carrying
the label. This enables the customer to check the authenticity of the product anytime anywhere. HiddenTag responds quickly to any infringements
attempts, protecting the brands and customers from the dangers of counterfeit and imitation products.

How to verify the authenticity?

1.Download HiddenTag from your App market / 2.Scan the HiddenTag sticker / 3.Check the authenticity page

Genuine Product Registration Service

With scratch type, we provide more enhanced genuine product registration service by adding 4 digit serial numbers.
These serial numbers should be manually inserted on the registration page.
The serial number can be registered only once.
After registration, every time the consumer scans HiddenTag sticker, a message, saying "The numbers are already registered" pops up.

How to Register Genuine Product

1.Scratch the area and scan / 2. Insert 4 digit numbers / 3. Check whether registration is successful / 4. page that appears after the registration, every time user scans

HiddenTag® For C.O.P.

Management Service

Distribution Management Service

With HiddenTag labels, each product will have a unique identity, thus brands can manage production and distribution records of the product.
Once information regarding manufacturer, distributor, vendor or dates etc. is entered to each product, it will be easy to track and trace every single
product and manage products by geographical regions. With GPS tracking system products that are aberrantly distributed are detected
and location information is provided.
1.Scan the HiddenTag / 2.Check the distribution information shown on landing page / 3.Check the verification location through the GPS tracking feature

Monitoring Report Service

We also provide in-depth monitoring reports at our clients’ request. The monitoring report is based on the data from every scan such as
location, time, and number of scan. The reports shows you various dashboards that can be a valuable insight on how your consumers are engaging.
Monitoring Report Service

HiddenTag® For C.O.P.

Marketing Service

User Information Registration Service

HiddenTag C.O.P has an additional feature that helps our clients gather their consumer’s data. When the consumers scans the label through the app,
it leads them to the page to register their personal information ( name, email, contact information etc.), and the access to the authenticity page is
granted only after the user has entered all the necessary blanks. You can utilize consumer data provided by HiddenTag on various marketing
campaigns, after sales services, and deployment of CRM channel.
1.Scan the HiddenTag / 2.Enter user information / 3.Register genuine product and user

Event Linkage Service

Event Linkage Service provides powerful tool to brands to engage with their consumers directly.
Through the event linkage service, brands can offer rewards and coupons enticing second purchase or choose random lucky consumers and
offer prizes, coupons, gifts, etc.
1.Scan the HiddenTag / 2.Normal Authentication Verification Page or Event page that pops up to random clients

Mobile Advertising Tools

HiddenTag app is an excellent marketing tool for brands in addition to being an authenticity verification tool.
Having more than 3 million users in over 160 countries around the world, HiddenTag opens a door to its partner brands
to reach out our app users and tell what‘s great about their product !