HiddenTag® For C.O.P. Label Types

HIddenTag COP 2.0 with Enhanced Security Protection

HiddenTag® C.O.P. 2.0

HiddenTag COP 2.0 is an updated label type with enhanced protection against duplication.
In case of counterfeit attempts such as copying or scanning the original sticker, copied version cannot be scanned, being fully protected from duplication.

Types and Sizes

Minimum size of normal type sticker is 12*12(mm) and 20*8(mm) in case of wide type. Bigger sizes available.
Customized sticker design with your company logo or picture of brand ambassador etc available.
HiddenTag design, Scan·Copy sample

Sticker Production Types

Customers can choose from different types of stickers for enhanced protection against duplication or re-application. 1.Crush / 2.Scratch / 3.Cut

Application on Various Materials

HiddenTag C.O.P. technology can be applied on various types of materials. 1.Metal / 2.Glass / 3.Clothing / 4.Leather

Delivery Forms of HiddenTag® For C.O.P.

Different methods of delivery upon customer’s preferences

Delivery Methods

We provide different forms of delivery to match your production facility.

Sheet Form

Sheet form is provided for the manual application of stickers.

Roll Form

Roll form is used when stickers are applied to products by machine.
For customers with automatic labeling facility, we provide roll form of stickers, matching customers’ labeling machine standard.