HiddenTag® For C.O.P.

Anti-Counterfeit Watermarking Solution

Smart Hologram Label HiddenTag (HiddenTag® For C.O.P.)

HiddenTag is the most secure authenticity verification solution that uses advanced digital watermarking technology.

HiddenTag - Integrated Management Solution for Brands

Implementing HiddenTag - Product Forgery Prevention - Response to illegal Reproduction - Transparent Distribution Monitoring - Customer Communication - Mobile Marketing for your Brands - HiddenTag Commerce Point of Sale - Maximized Brand Value

Current Challenges of Brands

1 out of 3 products exported to China is counterfeited / Sales revenue decreases due to market price drop caused by counterfeit products / Decline in product value and brand credibility due to harms caused by low quality counterfeit product to the end-user

Multi-factor Security System

HiddenTag C.O.P. provides authenticity verification service in a number of ways; authenticity can be Identified with the naked eye through the smart hologram sticker, which can also be verified with the help of the mobile app.
Last but not least, authenticity can be verified through server monitoring.
Through the unique identity of the each sticker, it is easy to track and trace each product through monitoring.
1.Verify with the naked eye(hologram, design) / 2.Verify through the app(verify label data) / 3.Verify through the server monitoring(User GPS, Count scanning, Pattern Recognition)

Customized Sticker Design

HiddenTag C.O.P. technology allows brands to have customized design of stickers.
Data is embedded in an image and detected in a way that cannot be identified with the naked eye.
By embedding the unique data in each sticker, it allows individual products to carry an "Identity".
Thus, billions of seemingly identical images, carrying unique information, can be connected, using our technology.

Various Mobile Services

Various Mobile Services can be provided through Internet.
HiddenTag C.O.P. app runs on even low-end smart phones. It is registered in local and global markets and is supported by the most popular 5 Chinese local app stores as well.

Why HiddenTag C.O.P.? (Comparison of Features)

HiddenTag stands out in the brand protection market with its customized design, strong security, and economic efficiency.
  • Customized design match with clients’ brand image.
  • High level security by the proprietary technology.
  • Economic efficiency of being supported by various Smartphone’s.
It is innovative product authentication solution that allows end-users to check the product authenticity easily with their Smartphone’s.
HiddenTag® For C.O.P. General Hologram QR Code NFC&RFID
Security ★★★ ★★★
Functionality ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Compatibility ★★★ ★★★
Design ★★★ ★★☆ ☆☆
Economical feasibility ★★★ ★★★ ★★☆

General Hologram

It can be forged easily and it is nearly impossible to distinguish genuine and counterfeit holograms. General Hologram image


QR code is an open source technology.
Due to the fact that anyone can generate QR code, it is easy to make a copy of not only QR Code, but also the authenticity verification page.
If both fake QR code and fake authenticity page are generated, it will cause even bigger confusion to consumers and would be more difficult to detect counterfeit attempts.
QR Code image


Being quite expensive, NFC (RFID) is not economically feasible.
Depending on the country specific frequency, there is a chance that it will not be scanned. Also it is not supported by iOS.
NFC, RFID image

Strategic Benefits of Implementing HiddenTag C.O.P.

There are a number of reasons why many brands choose HiddenTag C.O.P. over other anti-counterfeit technologies. Transparent Distribution Management / 20% ~ 30% Increase in Sales / Improving Brand Credibility / Getting Closer to the Customers

Transparent Distribution Management

By monitoring the distribution of products, It is possible to identify grey market & diverted products and protect the product value.
  • Identifying the illegal or unintended distribution
  • Increase in production of genuine products by uncovering illegal distribution of counterfeit products.
HiddenTag Sticker order quantity

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies during Crackdown

CK&B cooperates with Seoul Customs Office and Korea Tourist Police during the crackdown of forged goods.
With the help of our services, it was possible to identify and catch the fake product maker of more than 15 billion units.
Cooperation with law enforcement agencies during Forgery

Extension of Communication Channels with Consumers

Consumers, using HiddenTag to check your product’s information, are your customers.
We provide channels to communicate with them.
We give you the opportunity to directly communicate with your customers through HiddenTag C.O.P. app.