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Our competent staff at CK&B is endorsed with knowhow and expertise in research and development in the relevant fields of security, data hiding, multimedia, watermarking, and DRM. We exist to provide fast and reliable technical confrontation about our clients and the market.
We also remain committed to ensure that our company’s priorities are the ceaseless development of new technologies alongside with the satisfaction of our customers.
CK&B opens the door to the legal distribution of digital contents. We are proud to be one of the pioneers of media industry activation and sound content distribution culture through the protection of the legitimate rights of the content providers and the users’ interests. We will go beyond content security to create a new culture of content and technology.
I sincerely hope you will get useful information from our website.
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Ki-Hyeok Bae, Chief Executive Officer



09Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to NEXET
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Nature Cell
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to WEBZEN
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to DURR Korea
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Playmonster
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Botanic Farm
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Alllead Global
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Benton Korea
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Chaeni
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Magnif
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Corning Korea

08Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to LG Chem
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to NPIO
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to VIAROSA
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to BS Korea
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to JNK International
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to TAEIL
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to IPPLETINA
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to MORE 3
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to BOMTECH Electronics
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to MAKEBRIDGE
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Pharmaresearch
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to COSMOS International
07Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Carver Korea(A.H.C)
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to JH Global
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Home store
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to U Cell
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Jeongin International
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Dr.Schrammek
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to OU Korea
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to MEDIEL
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06Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Zemna Company
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to PionTech
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to nnblab
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to ALL NEW TS

05Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to PBS Korea

04Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to moonshot
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Amok Cosmetics
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to VANT365
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to FORENCOS

03Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Dr.Althea
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to dreamtoy
 Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to GAMSUNGTEX

02Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Cleomee


12Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to CLIO
12Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Dr.Jart+
12Built HiddenTag® Watermark, National Geographic Information
12Provided SBS, ScanHit for Video Modul
12Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to ELE Korea

10Selected as a legal product authenticity verification hologram
 provider 'HiddenTag®', KITA
10Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Fascy
10Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to NUC Electronics

09Provided 4K content storage and metadata solution to SBS
09Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to STYLENANDA

08Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to WellMade Household &

07Provided 4K video comparative solution to SBS
07Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to GC International
06Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Skinion
06Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Samyang Genex

05SBS joined exhibition for non-transcription system,
 KOBA exhibition
05Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Angel Skin
05Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Salty Family Group
05Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Recipe Cosmetics

04Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to AQUA Filling
04Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Samsung Cosmetics

02Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Modeun Hightech

01Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to MISKOS


12Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Claires
12Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to LG Household & Healthcare

11Production of NIPA convergent smart content

10Transferred to a new office
 (#411,5,Seongsuil-ro, 8-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea)

09Provided QR code system to Seosan city for toxic vehicle
09Provided 'HiddenTag® C.O.P.' to Cell Cosmetics

08Provided SBS broadcasting video DNA solution

07Selected as a next generation communication service
 application developing company by ITTP
07Linkage to ScanHit® mobile service once the ad is scanned
 from digital time
06Provided ScanHit® Rights Service to Deloitte accounting corporation

05ScanHit® mobile service support at Philla Korea World
 Stamp Exhibition

04Launching 'ScanHit® Mobile' App Service

03Provided Smart Device Test Solution to Samsung Electronics
03Launching 'HiddenTag®' App Service

02ScanHit® awarded the "Grand Prize for New Software"
 in the multimedia section
02Aquired "GS" certification for ScanHit®


12Development of HiddenTag® C.O.P.

11Provided Image Search Engine to Korean Intellectual Property
 Office (KIPO)
11Built the QR Information System for Hyundai Heavy Industries

10Received the President’s Award on the Day of Electronics and IT

09Built mobile solution for Korean National College of Agriculture
 and Fisheries

08Developed the Audio Automation System for Samsung SDS

08Built and provided the UHD Contents Server to KBS

07Provided a solution to SBS to separate non-subtitled videos
 and advertisements
07Developed the Tire Cross-section Profile Recognition Solution
04Commercialized and implemented Real-time
 Watermark Transmission Service for the first time
 in the broadcasting industry

03Implemented CCTV History Management System
 for Seongnam City

02Received Golden Award at the International Invention Patent
 Exhibition Iran/Awarded the Honorary Prize in Germany

01Implemented ScanHit® Copyright Monitoring System


12WIPO award for the best inventor at Korea Invention Patent
 Exhibition (KIPO)

11Electronic IT Patent Management Award

10Provided Solution for LG Electronics Smart Device Project

09Provided Mobile Solution for Postal Museum

07Provided Watermark Solution to SBS
06Provided Smart Device Test Solution to Samsung Electronics

05IP Award on the Invention Day

04IT merger company award by the Ministry of Knowledge
 and Economy
04Provided Image Lic Solution to SK Hynix

02Provided women apparel mobile event solution to Shinwon Si


12Awarded at Korea Invention Patent Exhibition by the Korean

10Patent Office for Intellectual Property Protection
10Best Entrepreneur among Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

08Provided Test Automation Solution to Hynix Semiconductor
 Co., Ltd
08Certified as a Technology Innovation Company INNOBIZ

07Carried out G-MES project of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

06Acclaimed as a Patent Star Company by Seoul Business Agency

02Selected as a UCII Diffusion & Dissemination Support Company
 by Korea Creative Content Agency


12Completed the Transmission of Terrestrial Broadcasting
 connecting with UCI for SBS
12Selected as the Best Technology Development by the Ministry
 of Knowledge and Economy

10Transferred to a new office
 (Fl. 3, Kooil Bldg., 943-17 Daechi-dong, Kngnam-gu, Seoul)

08Acclaimed as a technology development company
 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

06Provided Multimedia Equipment Monitoring System
 to Samsung Electronics

05Provided Solution for the protection of Cultural Heritage
 Information Resources to Kore Cultural Heritage Administration


12Signed Supply Contract on Automation Monitoring System
 with Samsung SDS

06Acclaimed as a Technology Development Company
 by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy

05Acclaimed as a CT Technology Development Company by the
 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
05Cooperative alliance with Indiestory Co., Ltd. For the Protection
 and Activation of Independent films

03Excellent IT Performance for National IT Industry Promotion

02Performed CT Technology Development for Korea Creative
 Content Agency


11Recognized as a Research Institute (No. 2008110689)

10Provided Product Image Copyright Protection Watermarking
 Solution to Danawa Co., Ltd

06Expanded and transferred to a new office
 (5th gl, Daeseong Bldg., 41-15 Joongkok-dong, Gwangjin-gu,
 Seoul, Korea.)

05Approved as a Software Company (No.2008-08504)

04Developed and Provided Internet Monitoring System for Literary
 works to KBS (Korea Broadcasting System)


12Establishment (New Company Name: CK&B Co., Ltd.)

Awards & Certifications