On·Offline Integrated Monitoring Service

HiddenTag® Biz - the ultimate Online to Offline Service (O2O service)

HiddenTag® Biz refers to a service that enables integrated online management by giving unique names to objects scattered offline.
With Hidden Tag, you can manage everything offline, including products, people, and places, online.

Based on global app platforms used by global customers in more than 180 countries worldwide

HiddenTag Biz is based on the Hidden Tag app, which serves 3 million users in 180 countries around the world.
The HiddenTag app makes it very easy to reach local users in major target countries such as China, Vietnam, and Japan.

Real-time Monitoring Service

It is hard to manage all of the sales channels scattered both online and offline, including domestic as well as overseas.
With HiddenTag® Biz , you can monitor who, where and how many purchased your products in real-time.

Already fully Targeted Premium Users

The reason why we're looking for customers by increasing our target options is because we want to find as many potential customers as possible that client want.
Hidden Tag users are premium users who are already targeted enough without increasing their target conditions.

Main Function of HiddenTag® Biz

HiddenTag Biz provides a customized service tailored to customers’ purpose 비즈2

HiddenTag app Main Advertising Function

The easiest way to run mobile advertising to Chinese and Vietnamese consumers in Korea 비즈2
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