Terms of Service

[Personal Information Handling Policy]

(Applied after amendment on Aug. 08. 2016).

CK&B Co. Ltd. will provide the following services to the users of http://www.HiddenTag.com (hereinafter, HiddenTag).
We put emphasis on our users’ personal information protection and comply with the personal information protection regulations under "Personal Information Protection Guideline” established by the Ministry of Information and Communication.
The amended personal information handling policy will be immediately posted on our website (http://www.HiddenTag.com) or the notice board of our mobile service.
Our users are recommended to check the policy from time to time when visiting our website.

1. Providing service

(http://www.HiddenTag.com) will provide following services through HiddenTag App.
①‘ HiddenTag’ Product Authenticity Verification Service : Verifying the authenticity of the product, using scanning function of HiddenTag(Please note that 'HiddenTag Authenticity Verification Service' verifies authenticity through reviewing scan data, so use it just for your reference.).
②App Push advertisement & notification services: ad & notification service, using smartphone push function.

Hiddentag App user can use the service once he/she agrees to the terms of service and CK&B will start providing services.

2. Providing information and posting advertisements.

①Once complying with the terms of service, HiddenTag App user agrees to advertisements, App Push and notifications while using the service.

②"CK&B" provides customized advertisement based not only on the searches of HiddenTag user, but also language, peripheral information, IP address, type of browser, system and required date.
This collected data is not stored and is used for advertisement purposes only.
Please, refer to the “privacy policy” for further details.

③Any use of the advertisements by the HiddenTag App user or participation in sales promotion activity by the advertiser or any other transaction is completely HiddenTag user’s and advertiser’s business.

④Any dispute or problem between the user and the advertiser should be resolved by the two parties, and the company does not hold liability in any way.

3. Items of personal information collected and purpose of processing : CK&B Co.ltd.
(http://www.HiddenTag.com, hereinafter, HiddenTag) uses personal information for the following purposes.
The collected information is not used other than mentioned herein. In case of any change of our policy, we will ask for prior consent.

A. Homepage membership and management
-Storing personal information to prevent from misappropriation

B. Appeal service
-Storing personal information for contacting and notifying if needed.

C. Qualification
-This service can be used onlyfor those over 12 years old.
If you are not regarded asan adult under legal jurisdiction, you must have your parents (orlegal guardians) read these terms and get their permission.
Also, the parents or legal guardians should take responsibility ofchildren’s behaviors for their own accounts in this service.
They must approve all about these services regardless of theirpermission.

D. Iamge
- When scanning the HiddenTag label, the image is saved and used for re-checking.

E. Email
- For account verification and login purposes

F. Device or other ID
- Check device unique number

4. Personal information file
1. Personalinformation file name: Collecting information of HiddenTag ProductAuthenticity Verification Service user.
-provision ofpersonal information: service usage data, log in information andserial number of the mobile phone.
-Method of collecting : mobile App.
-Basis of possession : “Personal InformationProtection Guideline” article 3.
-Period of possession: 3years.
-Related statute: data of consumer complaints orhandling conflicts: 3 years.

5. Processing and possessing period of personalinformation
①"CK&B"(http://www.HiddenTag.com) processesand possesses personal information according to legal Processingand possessing period of personal information or informationsubject, or agreed period of personal information from informationsubject.
②Processing and Possessing period of personalinformation is as follows

We process and possess personalinformation which is related to Appeal service for 3 years startingfrom the agreement date.
- Reason of possession : “Personal Information ProtectionGuideline” article 13
- Related statute: data of consumer complaints or handlingconflicts: 3 years

6. Consignment basis for processing personal information
①For the purpose of smooth processing of personal information,"CK&B" (http://www.HiddenTag.com) works on consignment basis.
1. Public institutions
- Consignee: handling consumer complaints.
- Consignment duty: service usage data, log in information, serialnumber of mobile phone.
- Consignment period : cancelation after 1 year from the date ofproviding
②When CK & B Co. ltd. (http://www.HiddenTag.com, hereinafterHiddenTag) drafts a consignment contract, we comply with the“Personal Information Protection Guideline” article 25, except forthe purpose of consignment duty. We specify in the Documentresponsibilities, like banning personal data processing, technical& managerial protection, management & supervision of the Consignee,compensation, etc. We provide our supervision for safe processingof personal information.

③In case of any change in Consignment duty or Consignee, we willimmediately share it through the policy of personal informationprocessing.

7. Rights and obligations of the ‘individual: the ‘User’ canexercise his rights

① The individual can exercise his rights regarding therequirements(Reading personal information, Revising error,Deleting,Stopping the process) to CK&B (http://www.HiddenTag.com,hereinafter, HiddenTag) whenever they want.
② Exercising their rights in accordance with paragraph 1 about CK&BCo. ltd. regarding Privacy Act Enforcement Rules Annex No. 8 can bedone through e-mail, FAX, letters. We will take actions without anyfurther delay regarding [agency/company name] (the site URL, sitename).
③According to article 1, the individual can exercise his rightsthrough a legal representative/delegate. In this case theindividual has to submit a form, empowered by the attorneyaccording to article 11.
④ Authority of users can be restricted for reading personalinformation and stopping the process regarding Privacy ActEnforcement Rules Article 35, Clause 5 & Article 37, Clause 2.
⑤ You cannot request revising or deleting personal information whenthe personal information is stated in the list of otherlegislation.
⑥ CK&B Co. ltd. always verify an identical person or legalrepresentative as request for reading, revising, deleting personalinformation or stopping the process by authorities of users.

8. Creating entries of the Personal information processing

①CK&B Co. ltd. (http://www.HiddenTag.com, hereinafter, HiddenTag)creates entries of the following personal information processing

1. Processing appeal service
- Mandatory items: service usage data, log in information, andserial number of the mobile phone

9. Destroying personal information: After accomplishing theprocessing CK&B (http://www.HiddenTag.com) immediately destroyspersonal information. The process/ terms/ means of destroyinginformation are as follows.

- Process of destroying

After the user’s personal information is moved to DB, theinformation is stored for a certain period of time, according tothe internal policies and other related laws, or destroyedimmediately. This personal information shall not be used for anypurposes, other than situations under law.

- Terms of destroying.

The collected personal information is destroyed within 5 days afterthe storage period. If the personal information becomesunnecessary, (accomplishment of processing, abolition of service,conclusion of business.) the information is destroyed within 5 daysfrom that date.

- Means of destroying

Electronic files are destroyed by using technical method. Paperfiles are destroyed by Shredder or incineration.

10. Installation, Operation and Refusal of Details on Personalinformation collection device.
CK&B Co. ltd. does not use ‘Cookie’ saving and loading informationof users.

11. Appointing a person in charge of the personal information

① In order to protect customers' personal information and handlecomplaints related to the personal information, we have appointed aperson in charge for this.
If you have any questions regardingcustomers' personal information, contact the person in charge ofpersonal information management through the following contactinformation.

▶The person in charge of personal information management

Manager Name: Chang-Hawn, Kim.
Duty: Associate Executive Director
Position: Development Executive Director
Contact information:
T: 82-2-453-8416
E-mail : HiddenTag@cknb.co.kr
Fax : 82-2-453-8417

※Connecting to the personal information protection department

▶ Department in charge of personal information management

Manager Name : Cang-Hawn, Kim
Department: Service Business Department
Contact information:
T: 02-453-8416,
E-mail : partners@cknb.co.kr,
Fax : 02-453-8417

Please, contact the person in charge of personal informationmanagement should you have any questions or complaints.

12. Change of personal information handling policy

The personal information handling policy will be applied after theamendment on Aug. 08. 2016. In case of any amendment we will notify7 days prior to the change.

13. Measures to ensure safety of personal information: CK&B(http://www.HiddenTag.com) takes technical/ managerial and physicalactions to ensure safety of personal information according toarticle 29.

-1. Education & minimization of the number of employees dealing withpersonal information.

We strive to minimize the number of employees, who deal withpersonal information.

-2. Establishment & Enforcement of internal management plan

We establish & enforce internal management plan for the sake ofsafety of personal information

-3. Encoding Personal Information

Due to encoding the user’s personal information, password, afterwhich they are stored and managed, only the user can check it.Important information is protected by encoding and locking thedevice.

-4. Technical measures against hacking

CK&B Co. ltd. (http://www.HiddenTag.com) installs security programand periodically checks for updates to prevent leakage of personalinformation due to hacking or computer virus. We install the systemin restricted areas from the outside and both technically andphysically monitor it.

-5. Restricting access to personal information.

We take necessary actions to control the access to database system,and thus to protect personal information. We also regulateunauthorized access from outside by using firewall system.

-6. Storage of access records & forgery prevention

We store and monitor records of access to personal informationsystem at least 6 months. We use security functions to protect it.

-7. Access control to unauthorized parties

With a physical storage area that holds your personal informationseparately we establish and manage access control procedures.